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Smart Electric Valve Positioner

Smart Electric Valve Positioner
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Smart Electric Valve Positioner details:


Smart Electrical Valve Positioner 

  • Stainless Steel Housing Design
  • Electrical Waterproof Joint
  • LCD Display with backlight
  • Quick and Easy Start
  • Extensive supplementary features

Intelligent valve positioners are designed for integrated pneumatic control valves, particularly suitable for angle seat valves and diaphragm valves. It's an easy operate, rich software features product, operated via its LCD screen and keypad.
Positioners will detecting the displacement sensor signal, for fast and accurate adjustment of valve position.


Technical specification


Polycarbonate (PC) Silicone Rubber (SI)

Polyamide (PA) Stainless Steel (304)


DC 24V +10%

Input Signal

0/4 to 20mA OR 0 to 5/10 V

Setting Impedance of Input signal

Signal at 0/4-20mA, 240 Ω

Signal at 0-5/10V, 21K Ω

Requirements of Compressed Air

Neutral gas comply with the requirements of DIN ISO 8573-1

Requirements of Particle Size

Class 5 (<40µm particle size)

Requirements of Particle Density

Class 5 (<10mg/m3)

Requirements of Solidfying Point

Class 3 (<-20oC)

Requirements of Grease Concentration

Class 5 (<25mg/m3)

Ambient Temperature


Pneumatic Joints

1/4 inch Insert Type Hose Couplings (inside diameter Ø6mm)

Electric quick Coupling

M13 x 1.0 Three pin (Cable diameter-Ø5mm)

M17 x 1.0 Nine pin (Cable diameter-Ø6mm)

M13 x 1.0 Four (Cable diameter -Ø5mm)

Air Pressure

3-7 bar, Protection level power consumption

Control Valve Travel Range

5-50 mm


Mostly for top installation of actuator via M26 screws.

Protection Class


Power Dissipation


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