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Casing head Assembly

Casing head Assembly
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Product DetailsCasing headCasing head and casing spool use standard design, and can apply to all kinds of BSMslip and mandrel type casing hanger.Straight-bore Design45shoulder design with high load capacity.Side Outlet Connection FormPipeline thread ..

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Product Details


Casing head

Casing head and casing spool use standard design, and can apply to all kinds of BSM slip and mandrel type casing hanger.

Straight-bore Design

45°shoulder design with high load capacity.

Side Outlet Connection Form

Pipeline thread side outlet

Threaded flange side outlet, design with VR plug.

Secondary Seal

Design with multi-structure secondary seals at bottom.

Installation can be performed on spot per different structure types, injection or non-injection can achieve seal.

Interchangeability of Casing Hanger

Casing hanger design with standard profile

Interchangeability between slip casing hanger and mandrel type casing hanger

Connection Forms between Casing Head and Surface Casing

Threaded bottom type

Welded bottom type

Slip bottom type


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