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Products: Rich wellhead equipment Product with photos for selection. Feel free to request price, CAD drawing and catalog with dimension, weight as well as torque value for free from Products Manufacturer. Welcome to visit our factory to know more about wellhead equipmentmade in China.

  • FIG 100 Union

    FIG 100 Union

    Product DetailsPrecision sealing engagement surface ensures a reliable pressure seal, for low pressu..

  • FIG 206 Union

    FIG 206 Union

    Product DetailsThe male joint sealing surface equipped with O- ring to seal more tightly,available m..

  • FIG 200 Union

    FIG 200 Union

    Product DetailsUnion structure compact,widely used in low pressure wells pipeline,also applicable to..

  • FIG 402 Union

    FIG 402 Union

    Product DetailsOnly one model 2 inches - with a sealing ring of nitrile rubber.FIG 402: 4000psi WP, ..

  • FIG 2002 Union

    FIG 2002 Union

    Product DetailsThis union is only one specification 2 in, equipped with a replaceable elastic nitril..

  • FIG 600 Union

    FIG 600 Union

    Product DetailsThe main seal is provided by the bronze seat.Recommended for steam systems, manifolds..

  • FIG 207 Union

    FIG 207 Union

    Product DetailsEquipped with nitrile rubber O-ring in the union cap for effective closure, threaded ..

  • FIG 1502 Union

    FIG 1502 Union

    Product DetailsEquipped with a replaceable elastomeric nitrile rubber seal ring and a solid wall thi..

  • FIG 211 Union

    FIG 211 Union

    Product DetailsInsulation design of the joint eliminates metal-to-metal contact in the joint. At the..

  • FIG 602 Union

    FIG 602 Union

    Product DetailsEquipped with a flexible nitrile rubber seal ring for sealing and protecting the stee..

  • FIG 1002 Union

    FIG 1002 Union

    Product DetailsEquipped with elastic nitrile rubber sealRecommended for cementing, fracturing, acidi..

  • FIG 300 Union

    FIG 300 Union

    Product DetailsPrecision sealing joints ensure a reliable pressure seal and are recommended for oil,..

  • FIG 1003 Union

    FIG 1003 Union

    Product DetailsSince the ball has a spherical seat, it can provide a skew or angle adjustment of 7-1..

  • FIG 400 Union

    FIG 400 Union

    Product DetailsWith a thick wall and a sturdy design, it has a toroidal and tapered seal for easy ce..

  • API6A Casing Hanger

    API6A Casing Hanger

    Product DetailsC-21 Casing HangerSlips, slip bowl and a type H pack off seal ring are all combinedin..

  • TG Tubing Hanger

    TG Tubing Hanger

    Product DetailsTG-2W Tubing HangerThe T-2W Wrap-Around Tubing Hanger is designed to maintain control..

  • BA-15A Adapters

    BA-15A Adapters

    Product DetailsBottom Hole Test Adapters allow a flexible means of entry into the tubing bore. BA-15..

  • BA-11-AO Adapters

    BA-11-AO Adapters

    Product DetailsBA-11-AO Bottom Hole adapters are furnished in various sizes and working pressure to ..

  • BA-11-AH Adapters

    BA-11-AH Adapters

    Product DetailsBA-11-AH Bottom Hole Adapters feature a metal-to-metal seal and are manufactured in v..

  • Secondary Seal

    Secondary Seal

    Product DetailsPE secondary seal is inserted in the bottom bowl of a casing spool or tubing spool an..

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